Why India is a beneficial partner for Ukraine?

On Friday, 17 June India`s ambassador to Ukraine Manoj Kumar Bharti visited Lviv. The meeting was taking place in local CCI office. This meeting was dedicated to discussing the partnership between India and Ukraine.

ManojBharti started his report with the history of his country: ‘Today India is knowing like a developing country or rather poor country, butuntil the 16th century India was the richest country in the world and had the world’s largest economy’. India had lost the economic power in the colonization period. But nowthis country is in a state of active reform and development, the same like Ukraine.

So, what are the important facts about India for Ukraine from the business point of view? India is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, so we`re talking about Indian huge market potential. What Ukraine can offer for this large number of people?

India can give Ukraine a lot of money, particularly if Ukraine opens its touristic market.

Other aspect in Indian cooperation, which can be used by the business in Ukraine, is agriculture. Ukraine is a largest exporter of sunflower oil in the world and India is the largest recipient. Also Ukraine can export to India a variety of lentils and milk products like a sour cream.

The second aspect for cooperation is IT-industry. India is the world leader in IT-industry and Ukraine, actually Lviv, is an ideal location for Indian companies to open the office here.

Lviv wants investment. And the most potential area for investors is pharmaceutical business.

Last but not least aspect for business partnership between India and Ukraine is educational sector. Now more than 6 000 Indian students are studying in Ukrainian universities, mostly, on Faculties of Medicine.