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In 2010 the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrated 160th anniversary it was founded in 1850 by a decision of the Austrian Emperor Franc Josef. 

Львів, пр. Шевченка.

Львів, пр. Шевченка.
Раніше у цьому будинку раніше знаходилась Львівська ТПП (сьогодні – приміщення обласної прокуратури)

. Today the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a secure base for businessman in protection and support their interests. Partners of LCCI are about thousand best-known companies in the region, more than 391 of which are full members of it, it has direct partnerships with Chambers of CIS and Central and Eastern Europe. The Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is respected worldwide organization of Ukrainian business. This is Regional Chamber that acting in the Lviv region.

The Lviv CCI is a regional organisation operating within the Lviv region covering an area of 21,800,000 sq.km (3.6 % of the Ukrainian territory). Its  population  is  2,650,000 (as of 01 January 2004).   Lviv is the largest industrial, administrative, and cultural centre of the Right-Bank Ukraine. The Lviv region borders the Ukrainian-Polish frontier.

Four road  and three railway points are located within the Lviv region. The best equipped crossing point is Krakovets-Korczowa. Lying near the borders of West European countries, the Lviv area   is a highly-developed industrial and agricultural centre with a powerful economic basis. The region has rich deposits of natural resources, among them coal,  natural gas, oil,  earth wax,  peat,  sulphur, potassium salt,  table salt, and  minerals used in the manufacture of high quality construction materials.The Lviv area boasts  huge resources of therapeutic mineral waters. Lviv is among Ukraine’s most important industrial, scientific, and cultural  centres. This is a city with a rich and multi-faceted architectural  heritage covering the 12th–20th  cc.

Palata budynok

Приміщення Львівської ТПП (Стрийський парк, 14)

The food  sectors ranks first in the industrial production  structure of the Lviv region  (25.2%) and is  followed by the machine-building sector (11.9%),  and  power, gas and water  production and distribution  sector (11%). The next in this list are  oil-processing industry (9.8%), and  pulp and paper,  printing  and publishing  industry (8.2%).

Foreign trade is conducted with  97 countries worldwide, the leading positions among trade partners being held by businesses in Russia, USA, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Kazakhstan.There are over 1000 businesses with foreign capital in the Lviv region.   The largest investments have   been made  by investors from Germany, Hungary,  Poland,  France, Denmark, and  the United Kingdom.

Operating  in Lviv are Consulates General of  Poland,  Russia and Czechia,  and Consulates Honorary of Austria, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Netherlands and Germany.