German/Ukrainian Partner Business Project

This is a project run by the Leipzig and Lviv CCIs with  financial support from the German government. It is aimed at approving the framework conditions for the SME sector through   encouraging the introduction of new services and extending networking between German and  Ukrainian companies.


Volker Stötzner, Andriy Yaniv

Phone: +38 032 295 62 74, +38 050 371 68 63


 Our fields of responsibility

* Acting as the voice of SMEs in politics, power corridors, and the community.

* Extending  our  networking with SMEs  in  districts of the Lviv region

* Expanding the range of services offered for SMEs (seminars, training programmes, round tables)

* Advice in regional and local economic development issues

* Setting up a business mediation centre to run mediator training courses to the German CCI standards.