45 March 2015


The Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

With support from the German/Ukrainian Economy Project


Energy efficiency, ecology, comfort”

Climate changes, depletion of traditional fuels, lack of clean drinking water, critical technogenic pollution created a new concept of social development this is sustainable development. It provides the balance between the pleasure modern needs of humanity and environmental recovery. This concept provides a systematic approach to the use of natural resources, management of resources and preserving it for future generations. Scientists predict that this concept will become the dominant pattern of the XXI century.

Energy efficient technologies, ecological sanitation, recycling and waste disposal are the main directions of development of technologies for creating comfortable living conditions for people. Minimizing energy and water consumption, using of closed-cycle technologies, energy from renewables, these current and future trends will be well represented at the Forum.


Conference Topics:

  • Comfortable  Home Innovative Technologies;
  • Passive House Technology; Construction Technologies and Materials;
  • Heating and Climatisation;
  • Water Supply and Water Disposal;
  • Modern technology of water purification
  • Electricity Supply and Lighting;
  • Energy Saving; Alternative and Renewable Energy;
  • Financial Tools Used to Implement Energy Saving and Resource Saving Projects

                   Invited to take part in the Conference are:

–          Businesses and companies that are owners, designers, sellers or consumers of Passive House technologies;

–          Executive agencies and local authorities;

–          Research  and educational organizations;

–          Industry associations, environmental agencies;

–          Financial establishments and agencies.

Deadlines. To facilitate the timely preparation of the Conference Programme, please complete and return your Application Form no later than 13 February 2015. See the Delegate’s Questionnaire for attendance conditions.

Conference Venue: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (14 Stryisky Park, Lviv, Ukraine).

The Conference opens: on 4 March at 10.00am (registration starts at 9.30am).


The Contact Exchange will be held within the framework of the ENERGY SAVING FORUM, offering an opportunity of holding bilateral and multilateral negotiations to both Conference delegates and all those who are interested in establishing contacts.

Besides, FORUM delegates will be able to display samples their goods and products, together with informational and promotional materials, at the Forum’s Exhibition Stand.

See the Delegate’s Questionnaire for conditions of Contact Exchange participation and placement of the exhibits on the Exhibition stand.


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